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Welcome to Ecobulb.

The high power factor Ecobulb® is the highest performing Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) available on the Australasian market. With an ultra compact spiral shape, high light output and low mercury content, the Ecobulb® has become the highest selling CFL on the New Zealand market.

Developed by New Zealand energy efficiency company Energy Mad, over 10 million Ecobulbs® have been sold and installed in New Zealand households via the Ecobulb® projects. This equates to five Ecobulbs® in each of 50% of the homes in New Zealand.

These Ecobulbs® are saving (over their lifetimes) an equivalent amount of electricity as that used by Christchurch homes for one year, $331 million worth of consumer electricity, and 1.29 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (equal to removing 300,000 cars from the road for one year).

Unlike normal CFLs with a power factor of 0.5 - 0.6, the 0.93 power factor Ecobulb® was specifically developed to increase the peak load savings for electricity utility companies when implementing CFL projects. The high power factor Ecobulb® also has dramatically lower harmonic emissions relative to low power factor CFLs and therefore avoids the power cuts that can result from high numbers of normal power factor CFLs.

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