• Ecobulb 7W LITE LED Downlight (1773) **Market Leading 5 Year Warranty**

    Ecobulb Australia

  • $24.95

  • Description

    The Ecobulb 7W LITE LED Downlight is an economical replacement for traditional heat wasting non-sealed downlights and halogen fittings.

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    Connection: Hardwired
    Cutout: 90mm
    Insulation rating: IC-F
    Colour: 3000K
    Light output: 700 Lumens
    Average Lifetime: 25,000Hrs
    Dimmable: No
    Warranty: 5 years
    Model Number: 7DL30LN0


    Product Information

    • Replaces up to 100W incandescent downlights and up to 50W halogen downlights.
    • Uses up to 90% less electricity
    • Lasts up to 25 times longer than the old downlights it replaces
    • Saves up to $1,018 on power bills*
    • Fully Sealed - Preventing heat loss into the roof cavity keeping your rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer
    • Gives instant full light output that is comparable to the old downlights it replaces
    • Operates much cooler than the old downlights it replaces
    • 155mm flange plate to cover bigger hole size included in the packaging

    * Based on replacing a 100W standard incandescent downlight with a 25,000 hour average life 7W Ecobulb LED used four hours a day costing $0.30/kWh.

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